Farmhouse Kitchen Reveal Part 1


It’s only fair that our C Squared & Co farmhouse windows have a farmhouse fresh kitchen to live in, right?  I have been DYING to update our kitchen since we moved in a year ago!  Don’t get me wrong, our suburban brick/stone home is beautiful and in a neighborhood we could’ve only dreamed of for our family…but the kitchen wasn’t cutting it. Not one bit.  The Texas “Old World” charm was thrown up all over it and it was nothing but dark, dreary and ewwwness.  My husband knew this when we bought it…so I’m not sure why he acted so surprised the day he came home from work and I had smashed in half the backsplash (hah!)  What can I say?  I’m a woman of my word 🙂 And obviously super strong…that was a stink-load of backsplash folks.

I should begin by telling you I’ve been self-diagnosed with extreme design-ADHD. I always have a million projects going on (half-finished of course).  But I had finally figured out furniture and layouts in all the rooms since moving in, so I figured it was finally time to tackle the kitchen head on.

First, we had professionals come and spray the cabinets.  I ended up using Sherwin Williams Alabaster.  It went well with my trim and had a nice clean warm look without looking too cold/modern, if you know what I mean.  Let me tell you, every penny of that was worth spending.  Years ago in our first home, we decided to paint our own kitchen cabinets…and back then we only had like 1/8 of the cabinets we do now.  Painful. Awful. Just no. Never again.

So here’s a before:


Really pretty wood, but just too much, right?  I bet you’re wondering where the sink and all that jazz is?  Well I keep taking a picture of the back wall because I’m affectionately giving this makeover two phases.  Phase I is the back wall, Phase II will reconfiguring that center island you see here and then the whole wraparound counter/bar that I’ll show you later.  Told you I had big dreams.

Ok so here’s when the taped it all off and painted…so glorious!!


And AFTER the paint was complete:


So much brighter!  But I’m sure you can see my dilemma…now the counters look SUPER yellow and the backsplash looks peach.  Double yikes!

A little time went by.  And I just couldn’t take it anymore. Summer started and I thought it’d be fun to let the kids on a little demo!  Kids love that stuff hah. I kept watching everyone on HGTV and I thought, I can do this!  Tiling ain’t no thang! I texted my husband I told him the backsplash was gonna be a goner, called my AWESOME neighbors, who are super knowledgeable and have all the right tools.  And here we go:


Yeahhhh, it was way too hard to keep that stone from ripping the dry wall, sooooo…

IMG_3078Boom! It was a hot mess, but it was totally fun.  Like, totally therapeutic and awesome to just get in there and smash stuff!  Girls can dig it too folks!

Ok, after which, said neighbor came to the rescue and helped us install the drywall.


Doesn’t it already look SO much better??  But then the moment of truth came.  I CAN’T keep that granite. Really, I can’t.

So I battled with myself…what do to?? I LOVE LOVE butcher block.  Obsessed.  But everyone kept telling me,”You’re gonna rip out expensive granite to put in butcher block??  Aren’t you worried it’ll get ruined??”  Well so I did what any good researched would do…I slayed that Pinterest search feature like you wouldn’t believe.  I found ANY and all how-to’s, what-not-to-do’s, and everything in between about this butcher block.  So what it came down to was this. I always use cutting boards when I cut my food.  And I also don’t leave spills on my counters for days.  So I think we’ll be just fine!

We found the butcher block slabs at Lumber Liquidators and then got some heavy duty, food-safe sealant called Waterlox.  I should warn you that I got the low VOC kind and it still stunk to high heaven for 3 days.  But if I don’t have to seal it every 6 months, I say that’s a deal worth making!

Here’s my stud prepping those counters (that’s what they look like raw, by the way):


And here’s the pretties installed and sealed with the Waterlox:


If you want details on installation and sealing procedures, I’d say just go search on Pinterest.  We pretty much did what everyone else suggested and followed the instructions on the can.  Don’t complicate it.  It’s not hard, promise!

Alright, so are you getting excited?  Last but not least, the subway tile is a must for any farmhouse kitchen hah!  So that was an easy decision…I ended up going with the white grout.  I debated with gray and white and ultimately I just thought it ended up being more classic and clean with the overall look I was going for.



I love it.  It was worth all the hard work.  I mean, we know our limits.  It was a DIY project we could handle. Surprisingly, my husband is a lot more handy than he wanted to lead on.  We’ve been married 11 years and I never knew he could saw counters and tile and stuff. But now that I do…you better bet your sweet bippy I’m dreaming up more projects just for him, you know, for like the weekends and time off, ya know?! (hahahaha!) Love you boo!

Get ready for Phase II, coming this fall.  That will involve a lot more professionals, a mess of gigantic proportions, but the vision includes a pretty new big ole island, some new floors and a different counter top to boot!  Stay tuned…



Show life

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Lately, we’ve been blessed to be busy, busy, busy bustling around to vintage shows and making orders! Thank goodness for that trailer, because somehow I keep on adding more and more stuff to our booth…but trust me, it looks better every single time 🙂

I can’t tell you how much fun it is to travel to a new venue and meet new people!  Since we’re still pretty new at this game, it helps to make friends everywhere we go!  Even though it ain’t my first rodeo when it comes to small business, in the world of the “show life” , we really are still learning the ropes!  Just like any start-up, we’ve made mistakes, spent too much time or money on something we shouldn’t have and had our share of disappointments and failures along the way.

But by golly, it just makes it that much sweeter when we have that moment where things just work, when we have that light bulb moment, when we learn a valuable lesson, when we sell out of those windows that we almost can’t part with because we love them so much!  Those are the good times for sure.  We’re confident that we’ll keep having lots and lots more of those!

Any way you slice it, we wouldn’t trade it for anything…so, I guess we can go ahead and make “show life” part of our vernacular, C Squared & Co is here to stay! 🙂


Prettier than melted butter on a biscuit!

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I’m SO excited!  Like, I can’t even!!!!

Christmas came early! Dan the man… my brother-in-law, AKA handyman/carpenter/Mr. Craigslist, helped us purchase THE most impressive small business buy yet…A TRAILER!  Ya’ll, this is BIG!  Not only do we get our garages back, but we get to travel to these shows in style!  No more filling up three trucks full, this trailer is legit!

We’ve got big plans to get this thing gussied all up!  Most definitely wrap C Squared & Co logo all over it.  And possibly slap a large image of Dan’s face on it…per his request!  Stay tuned 🙂

Junk Hippy

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Boy Howdy it was Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiindy this past weekend at the Junk Hippy Show in El Reno, OK. We’re no strangers to Oklahoma wind, we ARE however, super nervous when we have a booth full of breakable things…and its the beginning of the Dust Bowl of 2016!

So we became weekend engineers and learned a lot about staking and reinforcing our stands, tents, etc.  Did you know a tents is more stable without the top?  I do now!  But anyways, we had a fun time, it was so busy and bustling,  met a lot of wonderful people, sold some beautiful C Squared & Co windows and ate infamous Watermelon pie 🙂

These shows wear us out, but we love it!  Come see us this week in Bonham, TX at the Pinkalicious Horse Flea show.  This one is gonna be AMAZING!!!

Wedding Contest: YOUR Love Story 2016


We’re so excited to debut our new “Our Love Story” window, so we’re giving you the chance to WIN your very own…just in time for your wedding!  Here’s the catch, you have to tell us your First Date or First Kiss story in 150 words or less.  Just tell it like it is: whether its funny, charming, romantic, embarrassing…it’s your story to tell!

We’ll pick a winner May 15, 2016 at 8 pm CST!  All entries must be submitted by Facebook message only.  Only one entry per couple please.  Winner will be notified via email. Must be willing to pick up window in Dallas or OKC.


FullSizeRender (1)

So our husbands are very supportive of C Squared & Co…in fact, Carly’s husband, Dan, wants to buy us a shiny new trailer to put all our stuff in (hint hint). What started out as a little hobby I could keep in my craft room, has now expanded to garages, in BOTH of our homes 🙂 I can’t say the husbands are thrilled about us taking over the garage, but they are good sports about it!

I, on the other hand, am thrilled about it! More C Squared & Co windows to make and more memories to share!  And plus, it smells vintage…which is totally awesome.

Style the heck out it

One of my FAVORITE things is dreaming up each little photo shoot we do with each of our window babies.  If you could see my photos, in a close second to my children, are a giant amount of pictures of the C Squared & Co windows!  When we first started going to shows, people would tell us, “I LOVE your windows but I don’t know where I’d put one! ” So I was on a mission, to show you JUST exactly how amazing a C Squared & Co window could look in just about every room in your house…and then style the heck out of it!

The formula is simple. Once I run around the house and gather all my favorite accessories, the best combo for a photo shoot= baby napping + big girl in school + mid day sun + tim mcgraw pandora playing and then I go to town.  And after all is said and done, if I’ve done a good job, I’ll get a Dr. Pepper as a pat on the back 🙂


The struggle is real.

It should be no surprise, how much I love these vintage windows we have!  Perhaps my house is a little overkill, but if it isn’t a stinking cute accent, I don’t know what is 🙂